Self-Actualizing Fascist

Imagine you could just do what’s right.

You look into yourself, unveil whoever your true self is, shed it from all influences that try to manipulate you, and then you take this pure version of you and imagine that everything you think or do is ok.

Whatever you feel about the world is the truth, whatever you believe is right and is wrong is actually so, and the way you treat people is the way they deserve to be treated.

And you: You, too, get to be treated they way you deserve it. Everyone notices that you’re trying to be the best version of yourself, and they agree on rewarding you accordingly. Effortless you earn respect, just by being you.

Sounds good? Read it again. This time you imagine to be a different gender, different race, different age, different culture.

Finally, imagine being the average male boomer, average on all accounts, including your views on race and gender.

What of that above are you getting from the world? Is someone trying to manipulate you and what you think is ok? Is your truth slowly changed? Are you judged by how you naturally treat people? If you give your best, how are you treated? If you put in no effort, what do you get? And what happens if you complain?

And others: How are they faring in comparison? Fo they get respect without effort? Are they judged by how they treat people? What happens if they complain?

Bundesvorsitzender Junger Wirtschaftsrat, Beiratsvorsitzender Bundesblock, Beiratsvorsitzender KI-Verband, Chef bei Ewald & Rössing.

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